Hello! My name is Lina Slavova, and I am obsessed with Mary Poppins and the creative genius of her author P.L. Travers. I am an avid reader, and a few years ago, after reading P.L. Travers’s biography I was left wanting for more. So, I went in search for it: more understanding, more depth, more nuance.

At the end of 2016, a year into the project, I started a blog to accompany my research and study of P.L. Travers’s life, spiritual beliefs, and literary works and I have not stopped writing ever since.

This writing project has expanded my life experience on many levels, and I believe that both P.L. Travers and Mary Poppins have the power to do that same thing for you too. They can show you how to expand your awareness, and most importantly, to reconnect with your inner child. We all need some magic in our busy lives, and it may be more accessible than we think; all we need we already have inside of us.

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