Hello to all Readers,

I invite you to read this blog where I want to share my understanding of Pamela L. Travers’ personality as well as her Mary Poppins stories and her other writings. I believe the image of Travers presented in the biography Mary Poppins, She Wrote, by Valerie Lawson, to be distorted by the judgmental attitude of the author towards her subject. Unfortunately, this book seems to have inspired and influenced the view presented in the documentary The Shadow of Mary Poppins which in turn has inspired the Disney movie Saving Mr. Banks.

♥  The lack of empathy and compassion in this biography has led the public eye to the inaccurate perception of Pamela L. Travers.

I am sure this state of affairs must have caused Pamela to turn a couple of times in her grave. If I were her, I would have. She was misunderstood her entire life and apparently still is in the beyond.

♥  I believe that Pamela L. Travers and her Mary Poppins stories deserve a second chance in the public eye.

Back then, Walt Disney swiftly diverted people’s attention from the richness and depth of her fantastically original stories by transforming the mythical figure of Mary Poppins into a totally new visual experience for the audiences; an experience that was heightened by the engaging songs and dances masterfully performed by the actors.

♥  Pamela L. Travers’s ambiguous, often dark, nanny was outshined by a phony and superficial (although beautiful) version of a magical nanny, who danced the cancan on the roof with a bunch of men, ok… a bunch of chimneysweepers. No wonder Travers cried during the premiere of the movie.

Today, some twenty years after Pamela L. Travers’ death (she died at the venerable age of 97), her masterpiece (even if still in print) is gone to oblivion while Disney Studios is working on a new sequel, Mary Poppins Returns, to star Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, and again the movie plot is totally strange to the original stories. Someone has to say something; someone has to send a different message out there in the open. So, I am sending this out in the virtual infinity of the Web and I am hoping to stir some hearts, if only to cause a handful of people, to see Pamela L. Travers and her nanny in a different light.

♥  Everybody wants to be understood but few are those willing to understand. Everybody wants to be loved but few are those willing to love.

And even if we take the stance that Pamela L. Travers was an eccentric, we can still relate to her if we open our hearts and read the facts listed in her biography between the lines; as she often affirmed that facts are only that, facts, not the truth.

Let’s all open up our hearts and see the truth.

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